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Credit and Debit Card Issuance

Credit / Debit Card Issuance Delay

How did this happen?

The card production delay, which is affecting hundreds of financial institutions, was caused by ongoing supply chain and staffing shortages similar to those being experienced across multiple industries.

When will I receive my Debit Card?

While we don’t have an exact delivery date, currently;

January Expiration Dates

  • Debit cards with a January expiration date could be received 2 weeks beyond your expiration month.   

December Expiration Date

  • Debit cards with a December expiration date could be received by the end of their expiration month

When will I receive my Credit Card?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an expected timeframe at this point.  We continue to closely work with our vendor to provide this information once received.

What additional options are available to access my money in the meantime?

Members can access their accounts via:

Some additional ways you can still make purchases and payments without your debit or credit card:

  • Utilize Democracy FCU bill payer service - pay bills via your checking or savings share
  • Use checks if available
  • Person-to-person transfer with Zelle in Democracy FCU online and mobile banking