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Financial Counseling Services

At Democracy Federal Credit Union, we are committed to providing our members financial education. Our financial counseling services are always free and available to members at any time. 

Your Certified Financial Counselor

Delta M. Payne, Certified Financial Counselor, is dedicated and passionate in helping people meet their financial goals. Over the last 28 years she has helped hundreds of people avoid and comeback from financial hardships. In 2010, she was elected "Counselor of the Year" by the National Federation of Housing Counselors. 

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Available Services

Meet Your Advisor

Delta Payne, Certified Financial Counselor

Phone: (202) 488-5400 ext. 1865
Fax: (571)527-2355
Mail: Attn: Delta Payne c/o Democracy FCU, 
200 Independence Avenue SW, 2nd Fl., Washington, DC 20201

Member Testimonials

"The financial counseling services I received through Democracy Federal Credit Union's program helped me repair my credit and achieve a higher credit rating. Mrs. Delta Payne's knowledge, experience and great customer care is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend the financial counseling program to other DFCU members so they may experience the great customer care that was bestowed upon me." - Larry M., Member for 11 years 

"I am pleased to state the discrepancies were removed from my file with her help and caused my credit report and scores to improve tremendously. Mrs. Payne is phenomenal at what she does at Democracy Federal Credit Union! She helped me and I am living again! Thank you to Mrs. Delta Payne!" - Adam L., Member for 3 years

Financial Services

Budgeting and Credit 

Budget and Credit Counseling Services are available and will teach members how to manage money by setting financial goals, selecting the best budgeting style and creating a budget that works. You will also learn about credit scores, common credit card practices, and proper use of credit. The Financial Counselor will assist you in determining the best options to meet your individual needs.

  • Advise you on managing your money
  • Offer solutions to your current financial problems
  • Develop a personalized plan to help you prevent future difficulties
  • Dealing with troubled credit such as post bankruptcies, liens, over-extended credit, past due accounts, pay-day loans, adverse action, etc.
  • Credit restoration techniques disputing errors shown on the credit report and assisting in rebuilding credit scores

Debt Management Program

This program is designed to provide a unique solution to your personal financial situation. We will provide you with options to help you plan for a debt-free future. 

Upon enrolling into a debt management program, we will:

  • Help you simplify the management of your debt and combine most or all unsecured debt into one monthly payment.
  • Create a proposal to your creditors to negotiate debt reductions, lower interest rates, eliminate fees and/or work out payment agreements.
  • Send payments to involved creditors so you can make one simple payment to Democracy FCU.