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Credit Card

VISA® Card Options

Whatever you need in a credit card, we’ve got you covered!

  • VISA® Rewards

    Get rewarded when you shop! Every dollar you spend earns you one reward point. Redeem for cash, gift cards or even to put toward your Democracy FCU Visa® bill.

  • VISA® Classic

    A fixed-rate credit card with a steady rate and no surprises!

  • Secured VISA®

    Build credit history or re-establish credit with our Secured VISA®. It’s secured by funds in your Democracy FCU Share Savings Account so the application process is streamlined.

  • Reloadable VISA®

    Democracy FCU's Reloadable Visa® Cards offer cardholders a better alternative:

    • Easy to Use - make purchases while avoiding the risk of carrying cash.
    • 24-Hour Cash - obtain cash at Visa®/Plus ATMs 24 hours a day.
    • Reloadable from Anywhere - reload your Prepaid Card by phone or online, 24 hours a day, with your registered funding accounts; or simply stop by your local Democracy FCU branch.
    • Zero Liability - Offers protection from fraudulent use of a lost or stolen card. Learn more about Visa's Zero Liability.

Balance Transfers

Transfer balances from other financial institutions and retailers to Democracy FCU's low variable rate.

    All credit cards are eligible for balance transfers.

    Credit Card FAQs

    • Report a lost or stolen credit or debit card

      Call 800-449-7728

    • VISA reward FAQ's

      Democracy VISA Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

      • What are the VISA Rewards Limits?
        $500.00 - $30,000.00 maximum.
      • How many points do I earn?
        You earn 1 point for every dollar spent.
      • How many points do I have to accumulate before I can redeem my points for cash, make a payment to the Democracy FCU VISA Rewards Card, or purchase a Gift Card?
        A minimum of 5,000 points is required to redeem points.
      • Once I make a request, how long does it take to receive the money, payment or Gift Card?
        7 to 10 business days. (Generally no later than 3 business days.)
      • How will I know that my deposit has been made to my account?
        The credit to your account will have the following comment: CO: Award HQ Type P2C
      • Is the VISA Rewards Credit Card a variable rate?
        Yes, and the rate will change when the Prime Rate changes.
      • When do my points expire and will I be notified prior to that date?
        Points expire in 5 calendar years, and notification will be listed on your monthly statement.
      • How do I redeem my points?
        Redeem points
    • Verified by VISA®

      Protect your VISA® credit and debit cards when you shop online with Verified by VISA®

    • Over the limit coverage

      If you want us to authorize transaction that will go over your credit limit, download the Over the Limit Fee Opt in Form and either mail to the address on the form or fax it to Card Services at 571-527-2343

    • Disclosures

    Reloadable Visa® Cards
    This card is available to Democracy FCU members age 18+. 

    • Enrollment Fee - $10.00
    • Minimum Load - $25.00
    • Maximum Load - $3,000.00

    Student Reloadable Visa® Cards
    This card is available to Democracy FCU members between the ages of 13 - 17. 

    • Enrollment Fee - $0.00*
    • Minimum Load - $10.00
    • Maximum Load - $1,000.00

    *There is no enrollment fee assessed at Democracy Federal Credit Union branch locations. However, there is a $10.00 online enrollment fee due at the time of enrollment that will be reimbursed to the member.

    Benefits of a Reloadable Card
    There are many benefits to using the Democracy FCU Reloadable Visa® Card:

    • Get the flexibility of a debit card without tying the card to your account information.
    • Give as a "cash" gift.
    • Manage money for students of all ages without handling cash. 
    • Parents can add and monitor funds for students at school.
    • Shop online without risking an account breach.
    • Keep emergency funds available without having cash around the house.

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