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Online Banking

How to Register for Democracy FCU Online Banking

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How to Login to Democracy FCU Online Banking

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How to Use
Democracy FCU’s
Mobile App

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How to Set Up

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User Guides

View our user guides to assist with accessing your online banking account for the first time.

Guide for New Users               Guide for Existing Users


You may need to modify your Quicken settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. You will need your Online Banking Username and Password. It is important that you perform the following instructions exactly as described and in the order presented. If you do not, your service may stop functioning properly. This conversion should take 15–30 minutes. 

Important: Read the QUICKEN TIPS here

Questions about Online Banking?

Give us a call or visit a branch. We’d love to talk with you!

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Introducing Card Controls!

Our NEW Card Controls service will give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to controlling transactions processed on your debit/credit card(s).

With Democracy FCU’s Card Controls, you have the freedom to control when, and how your debit/credit card(s) are used. The flexibility of Card Controls allows you to turn off your cards if you misplace them, and keep in budget by setting spending limits.

With Card Controls, you can:

  • Turn cards on and off in seconds
  • Activate your cards
  • Complete credit card balance transfers
  • Report your card(s) lost or stolen
  • Block foreign transactions
  • Set up travel notifications
  • Stay on budget by setting spending limits
  • Authorize alerts and receive real-time notifications

Sign up for Card Controls Today!

Online Banking Features


Democracy FCU's Online Banking enables you to customize the information you see when you log into Online Banking. Choose how your dashboard is organized to view account balances, transactions, perform transfers and much more.


See all your transactions and account details, including current and available balances. Sort all transactions or quickly search by date, category, amount, type or check number. You can also categorize transactions so you can track your spending and hold yourself to a budget. Need an eStatement? This is where you’ll find them. 

*Note - the balance with the small A is your available balance.

Link External Accounts

You can bring all your accounts into one place with Democracy FCU Online Banking. You can choose to only view your external accounts or you can choose to allow transfers to and from the accounts.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks from your mobile device from anywhere, anytime! Provide front and back photos of your check and confirm the amount. Funds deposited through mobile banking are processed like all other deposits and are subject to our Funds Availability Policy.

*Note – must be completed using a mobile device and our mobile app. 

Savings Goals

Create and view multiple Savings Goals. Label goals and even include a picture! Include a target date to guide you to your goal and add funds at any time or schedule it to happen automatically. See how much you’ve saved and how much you have left with our goal bar. You can also set alerts to notify you if you’re nearing your goal, you’ve hit your goal or if you’re endangering your goal.


Create and view Budgets. Categorize them and watch your transactions automatically update your budget! Some transactions may need you to manually categorize them. See how much you’ve spent and how much you have left with our easy tracking. You can also set alerts to notify you if you’ve exceeded your budget or provide a budget summary update.

Bill Pay

Paying bills has never been so effortless! Set up your payees and then with a few easy clicks your bill can be paid and/or scheduled to be paid at a future time. Once you log into online banking, select your payee, type in the amount owed and you’re done! 

You can also set up eBills! Get your bills sent directly to Democracy FCU online banking where you can view balances, statement information and pay them all in one convenient place.


You can move money between your accounts with just a few clicks, including loan payments! For one time or recurring transfers you have the option to schedule or move right away. For easy tracking you can also view your scheduled and past transfers.

*Note you must first add any additional accounts and have external accounts confirmed prior to conducting transfers.


Send money quickly to another person (members and non-members) using P2P or Person-to-Person transfers. It works great for things like reimbursing a friend for lunch or rent to your landlord. Click P2P from the menu and enter the recipients email address or phone number, a memo (like “July’s Rent”) and the transfer amount. Click Send and you’re done! That easy!

*Note - Contact us for transaction limits for P2P. 

Quick Apply

The most convenient way to access applications for new accounts and loans, check rates, calculate payments and more!

Checking Services

You may rarely run out of checks but when you do, it's a huge inconvenience. When you bank online with Democracy FCU, order checks (even customize them) online and save a trip to the branch. Additionally you can easily put a stop payment on checks you’ve written.

Message Center

Create, reply to and view secure messages with Democracy FCU. Have a question about your accounts or online banking in general? Send us a message right from your computer or phone!

Settings (aka Widget) Options

Get access to a wide range of settings. This includes editing your profile information, updating security information, changing the account color for different accounts, selecting a background theme, view and change your desired notifications, determine favorite widgets you want at the top in your menu, change your password and even update your contact information.


Find our branches, surcharge free ATMs and shared branching information. 

*Note - remember with shared branching you have access to over 5,000 branches in all 50 states where you can complete most of your regular transactions.

Manage Credit Card

With this quick link to Access Point you will be able to view your credit card details.


Securely view your financial documents, which include your eStatements and eNotices.