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Credit Union Saving Services

Save for your future with our 5.00% APY 3 month share certificate. Click to learn more.

Add funds as you grow! 9 month add-on 4.50% click to learn more

Share Certificates

Share Certificates offer a higher dividend rate than a regular Share Savings account. Our Share Certificates offer competitive rates, so your savings grow as quickly as possible. They are secure ways to save money. 

Unlike traditional banks, credit unions are owned and operated by their members. That’s why Democracy FCU is exceptionally skilled at providing a more personalized and community-oriented banking experience.

Share Certificates are an excellent option credit union saving service option that’s well worth the investment. If you’re ready to see your savings grow significantly, entrust the help of a trusted credit union like Democracy FCU.

To get more information or to open a Share Certificate, call us today!

Build a Brighter Future
Determine which certificate term works best and how much you should initially deposit to achieve your savings goals.
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Certificate Term (Months)
Future account balance:
Interest earned:
Open a certificate of deposit account with and at an interest rate of %, it will grow to in months. The account will have earned in interest.

Money Management Savings

High dividends on credit union savings accounts denote a higher return on the funds deposited. They are a reflection of the credit union's earnings, which are distributed back to the members.

Democracy FCU’s money management services is just one of the ways that credit unions can help you save. You’ll enjoy the benefits of six withdrawals each month, writing checks, and high dividends for ample rewards. 

Our credit union offers only the best for our members. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the risk of uninsured Money Market Mutual Fund Investments. Plus, write up to six checks a month.

IRA Savings

Retirement will be here before you know it. No matter how young you look or feel, today is a great day to start saving.

IRA Savings or Individual Retirement Accounts are credit union saving services offered to secure your financial future. Whether you’re interested in the Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, or Rollover IRA account, Democracy Federal Credit Union is ready to help. 

Call us to speak to a representative or click below to get more information about your options.

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