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Finding ways to keep your kids engaged right now can be challenging. We here at Democracy FCU want to help!

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Money Skills

Financial Terms for Kids to Know. The following are money terms that experts say you should know... Click to learn more!


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We keep things simple for parents by offering many types of financial literacy activities for youth. Our team offers up online articles about various topics, such as great ways to save money, counting change, budgeting tips, and more.

Everyone learns differently, so Democracy FCU also has financial education for youth through games. Activities such as word searches or word scrabble help children, and teens can get hands-on with financial terminology. Children and teens can also take a Spender vs. Saver quiz to learn whether they’re impulse buyers or savvy savers. With all these resources at your fingertips, it becomes easier to help youth of all ages understand the value of money and saving.

Why Teach Kids About Finances?
Nothing in life is free, and a part of maturing is realizing the value of saving. Encouraging healthy saving habits at a young age increases the likelihood of this continuing into adulthood. As adults, we need to save larger sums of money to allow for big-ticket purchases, such as a car or home. In short, financial security is essential.

Encouraging financial education for youth through word searches or fascinating articles allows children and teens to grasp money-related topics. From here, they can inquire about more detailed information from you or engage in great financial habits. For instance, by learning about the benefits of saving, your child may be more inclined to keep their allowance for a more expensive and coveted toy rather than spend it immediately.

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We want to keep you financially savvy – continue to check back here for more tips, tricks, and games! When learning is fun, it fuels our minds and engages us in a fascinating topic. Please contact us if you have questions about our money-saving tips for young adults.