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Skip-A-Pay is here!

Worry less this Summer when you skip your July auto and/or personal loan payment(s)!

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A Summertime Loan is more than just for vacations.

Whether you're marking a milestone like graduation, planning the perfect wedding, or giving your home that well-deserved renovation, a Summertime Loan is tailored to your whatever you need this summer.

  • 8.00% APR*
  • 18-Month Term
  • Up to $3,000
  • May 15th – August 31st

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An easy way to save for the future!

You just have to decide how much to set aside, and your money will grow for a set period of time!

  • 3-month term
  • High return of  5.00% APY*
  • Easy way to reach savings goals
  • New Money Only

Learn more about our 3 month CD special

Build a Brighter Future
Determine which certificate term works best and how much you should initially deposit to achieve your savings goals.
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Certificate Term (Months)
Future account balance:
Interest earned:
Open a certificate of deposit account with and at an interest rate of %, it will grow to in months. The account will have earned in interest.

Savings you can count on.

Earn more when you save with our Share Certificate Specials!

9-Month Add On | 4.50% APY*

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*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. New money only.

Savings you can't beat!

Grow your money faster at Democracy FCU when you open a savings account.

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Let's talk taxes!

Did you get a refund? 
Bring it to us and exchange it for Credit! Re-establish your credit or start building your credit today with our Secured Visa®! It’s secured by funds in your Share Savings Account to make the application process seamless for you!

Apply for a Secured VISA® 

Do you owe money?
Get a personal loan! Receive one lump sum and pay it back in fixed monthly payments. You can borrow up to $40,000 for up to 84 months.*

Apply for a Personal Loan

*Certain restrictions apply

Individual Retirement Account

An IRA is a valuable tool for retirement planning, offering tax advantages and investment opportunities to help you build a secure financial future.

There are three main types offered to most people:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Rollover IRA

Learn more about IRAs